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  Mrs. Brown’s Beauty honors the strength and resiliency of the human spirit and affirms that miracles can happen no matter one’s age or circumstance.   
  Mrs. Brown’s Beauty highlights the artwork of 83-year-old Inez Brown, who discovered her artistic talent at the age of 74. Through art, film, and books, Inez’s niece, Nancy Thompson, has captured the essence of a truly remarkable woman whose story is an inspiration for us all.  
  It all began in 2003, when Inez started participating in the Art With Elders program at Alameda Hospital in Alameda, California. Since that time, her art has won awards and been displayed in numerous exhibits throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Nancy was so impressed with her aunt’s artwork that she created a book, The Artwork of Inez Brown, and gave it to her aunt as a Christmas gift in 2005. Nancy has completed two additional books of Inez’s art titled The Life and Art of Inez Brown (2009) and Inspired by the Masters (2011).   
  Items available for purchase:  
A special selection of Inez’s artwork for your personal art collection or to buy as gifts to share with others.
A DVD of the 12-minute documentary "Mrs. Brown’s Beauty – A Story of Art and Inspiration," produced by Nancy Thompson in 2006. The film has been shown at film festivals on both the East and West coasts.
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