"Mrs. Brown’s Beauty – A Story of Art and Inspiration" is a 12-minute documentary produced and directed by Inez Brown’s niece, Nancy Thompson. Videography by Lis Cox, Talking Story Video.

The film features Inez’s beautiful artwork as well as interviews with her niece, one of her former art instructors, Alameda Hospital’s activity director, and the executive director of the Art With Elders Program, who all talk about Inez’s growth as an artist and the contribution she has made to the community with her art.

The music featured in the documentary – “This Little Light of Mine” – was performed by Doris McMurray and recorded in Huntsville, Texas by John and Ruby Lomax in 1939 for the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress.

The film was produced in 2006 and has been featured at the Women of Color Arts and Film Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, and the San Francisco Black Film Festival in San Francisco, California.

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short clip from the film
"Mrs. Brown’s Beauty
A Story of Art and Inspiration"
Please note: There is not a problem with the audio portion of this film clip.  Because of her tracheotomy this is how Inez Brown communicates.