Inez’s art is sensory. She has a strong sense of composition and uses texture and vibrant colors to make her images come alive. Using various art media including watercolor, acrylic, pen and ink, pastels, oil pastels, crayon, silver ink, and colored pencils, Inez magnificently captures the essence of sky, water, trees, and other elements of nature.  For her collages she uses saved pieces of gift wrapping paper, scraps of foil paper, old greeting cards, and recycled tissue paper.  
Many of her pieces are inspired by pictures from art books, travel magazines, and photographs taken by family and friends of their travels to South Africa and other exotic locations. Because Inez has always wanted to visit Hawaii, she likes to paint tropical scenes with palm trees, oceans, and tropical skies. Her collages reflect a deep love of and connection to family.
Inez says that when she is working on a piece of art, ideas come to her while she is sleeping. When she wakes up she is eager to incorporate those ideas into her art.
According to her former art instructor, Inez is adventurous as an artist. She is willing to go for it, and she has no boundaries. Her art is colorful, complex, detailed, dense, and thoughtful.